An open letter

Dear friends, acquaintances and random strangers,

I am really trying to adapt to the culture here.  Which means, when you didn’t know I was pregnant and told me I was fat, I tried my hardest to just smile.  And when you asked me why I still had a belly when my baby was “already three months old,” I tried my hardest to respond graciously.

When you give me (wrong) advice about how I’m raising my children, I’ve stopped defending myself, I’ve stopped trying to educate you.  Instead I just nod and smile and say “thank you” even though I know I am not going to put hard liquor on my baby’s gums to help her teething pain.

I think I’m making good progress.

But.  When you tell me – in front of my children – that one of my girls is more beautiful than the other, well, don’t be surprised when I argue, when I loudly defend their unique beauty, and when I tell you that you are wrong and shame on you for saying such a thing.  Honestly, I don’t care how culturally inappropriate it is for me to disagree loudly with you about this.  Okay fine, gossip with your friends about which of my girls you think is prettier, smarter, nicer, whatever.  But shame on you for telling me what you think.  And an even bigger shame on you for telling my children what you think.

I will not take it.  Consider this fair warning.


Mama to TWO amazing girls


4 thoughts on “An open letter

  1. Let mama roar! I don’t care what culture you’re in, those kinds of comments do nothing but demean and disparage. What is more, the people saying them are only showcasing their own demoralized spirit. Good for you for sticking up for you and your family.

  2. that’s a great problem that most off us, Lebanese people speak up their mind, whatever thought there is inside, it really sometimes hurt.

  3. That’s a bad one. But on the contrary if you’ve begun arguing back then you’ve taken a new step in the integration process. When you speak your mind back, like a Lebanese, it makes many unwanted remarks fun and certainly takes the sting out of them (barring certain monstrous comments).

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