Ruby by the month – 5 months


Our little Rubester is a mover!  She’s been army crawling for a few weeks now, which means no toy of Isla’s is safe if it’s in Ruby’s sight.  It also makes my dusty floors all the more obvious when a baby in a white onesie is scooting across them all day.  :P  And the white onesie…?  My poor second child pretty much lives in her pajamas… which in this heat is a good ‘ole white Gerber onesie.

Ruby doesn’t know a stranger… she grins at anyone who looks her way and is happy to be held by anyone.  And if you aren’t paying attention to her, she will silently stare you down until you do.  We call her our “little stalker.”  She really is a happy baby – very content to play on the floor or sit in her swing and chew on her fingers, her shirt, the straps, whatever she can find to stick in her mouth.  I would say she’s teething, but she’s been doing this for the past three months, so who knows!?

Still no idea how long she is or how much she weighs, but she’s got some cute chunk in her thighs and is still wearing size 3 mos.  We think she looks a lot like Caleb and not at all like Isla.

That’s our sweet Ruby-patootie at 5 months… can’t believe how much she’s grown!


One thought on “Ruby by the month – 5 months

  1. i renember when they used to tell me , the laban teeth is gone, and the milk teeth will replace it, i guess ruby will have very strong tooth

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