Welcome to Lebanon!

The pope is arriving in Lebanon this afternoon!  In true Lebanese fashion, the entire city is decorated with flags and posters to welcome him to town.

He has described his visit as a “pilgrimage of peace.”  Tomorrow has been declared a national holiday so that people can greet him.  He’s giving a mass on Sunday just a few minutes walk from our house.  We were trying to figure out if we can get down there to see, but roads are closed, security is tight, and there will probably be thousands of others trying to catch a glimpse as well.  Even Hezbollah is welcoming his visit!

Interesting side note… Two years ago, a different part of the city was similarly decorated for Ahmadinejad’s visit to Lebanon.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Lebanon!

  1. I don’t want to talk about politics but you mentioned it, is not a surprise that hisbollah welcomed the visit, indeed he has a Christian ally, anyway its Lebanon even the ones that raise guns against each other love each other

    • I agree it isn’t much of a surprise to us here in Lebanon that all political and religious leaders are enthusiastic about the pope’s visit!

      But the majority of my readers are in the States and have a very different understanding of Hezbollah, so I wanted to include that bit of info especially for their sake. :)

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