Isla’s first day!

Isla started school last week!

A few weeks after her interview this past winter, we got the call saying she had been accepted.  I mistakenly thought that we would have the whole summer to decide if we actually wanted to send her, but we were given ten days to come in and pay a quite hefty deposit to hold her place.  Over the summer we bought her uniforms, paid lots more money, and then waited to get any other information.  I was thankful to have recently met a gal with kids at the same school who could answer some of my “type-A-need-to-know-right-now” questions… do I pack her a lunch?  What does she wear under her uniform?  What time does school actually start anyways??  :)

The day before her first day, we went to an open house.  Isla got to see her classroom, meet some of her teachers, and we got some more answers about what her day would look like (oh, she has to have her name embroidered on her uniform?  Would have been nice to know that a little earlier….)

listening to a story at open house

She seemed pretty excited about going to school, although she told us many, many times that she wanted me to be her teacher and stay with her.

Next morning, we were up bright and early and out the door while the sun was still rising (whose idea is it for school to start at 7:30, anyways?!?).

on our way!

She cried when we dropped her off, but so did I… and I think nearly every other child there!  But when we went to pick her up, she was happy as can be and chattered away about her day the whole walk home.

coming down the stairs after her first day

She especially likes “the green teacher with the long hair like Rapunzel” and the chocolate sandwich they gave her for lunch (really!?).  Apparently this green teacher is quite funny because she “got another block and it wasn’t yellow and all the kids laughed and laughed!”

She did tell us this morning that she doesn’t want to go to school because “I already know French… un, deux, troix… ocho, nueve, diez… See?!?” but I think overall she’s having fun!

Can’t believe we are already to this stage in the lives of our kids… wasn’t she just born like 5 minutes ago???


6 thoughts on “Isla’s first day!

  1. is Isla in a normal school, or in one special for those from USA,?
    also I should note, that am used to kiss every amazing little girl I have an adventure with, but since my adventures with Isla are through your posts, then I can’t kiss her myself, so please kiss her for me

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