Arabic… English… French… and Isla.

Isla is learning so much at school.  But sometimes things get a little lost in translation.

We aren’t always even sure which language she is trying to sing in.  And even when we figure that out, it sometimes takes a few days or even weeks before we figure out what the song is.


The English we can figure out pretty quick (obviously), but it’s impossible to correct, because “No, this is how Miss Rola sings it!”


The Arabic takes a little more time for us to figure out.  She’s been singing “lotsy, kadifa” for a week now.  She continued the song last night for the first time and we finally realized what she’s been trying to sing.  Although we still haven’t figure out the last part.  Anyone?


And French?  Well, once she starts singing any song besides this, we are in trouble!


4 thoughts on “Arabic… English… French… and Isla.

    • haha, We figured that part out. It’s “head… shoulders…” (When Isla hears a rolled “r” in Arabic, she thinks it’s an “L” sound!) It continues “eyes, nose, mouth and ears” but then the part that comes next is a complete mystery!

      • i didnot see the videos till now ( not sure why opera mobile is not showing the videos) but at last i understood the song, lol, Isla is getting really amazing, about the L-R thing, my mother says that i had the same problem as a child, but she trained me and now i spell them good, by the way they are written: ra2sy. katify., (she is talking about herself, isnt she??)

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