Ruby by the month – 7 months

It’s been a rough stretch for Ruby.  After what’s seemed like months of teething, she finally cut her two bottom teeth.  But not without many sleepless (screaming!) nights, fever, and crankiness.  Hopefully she’ll get a break before her next tooth, because this poor baby does not teeth well!

But besides those miserable little teeth, our Ruby is as happy and sweet as ever.  This past month she’s learned to wave “hi,” she dances, and she plays the cutest little game of peek-a-boo.  She puts her arm up on her forehead… hasn’t quite figured out how to cover her eyes yet, and waits with the cutest little grin for someone to shout, “peek-a-boo!”

She loooves her food.  Even the things that she’s not crazy about (peas), she chows down on.  Although you know for sure when you are giving her something she loves, because she says “mmm” with every bite!

Last week, we moved Ruby’s crib out of our room into Isla’s.  We’re still working on the transition, trying to figure out who needs to go to sleep first and who is waking who up to play in the middle of the night.  She’s spent the past two nights in the pack n play in the office, which might be where she is for a few more weeks or months.

She’s still a little peanut… just now fitting into some of her 6 month clothes, though her 3-6 mos still fit just fine!  We’re guessing her hair is going to be light brown… it’s definitely darker than Isla’s.  At least the very little bit that she has!

She’s obsessed with shoes and books, but most of all her big sister… love how much they love each other!


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