Running in the rain

Isla has been looking forward to this day for months.  Every night before bed, she wants to sing the months of the year song.  As she’s singing through the song, she points to whoever has a birthday in that month.  And when she gets to November, she yells, “the race!”

So today was the big day of the Beirut Marathon.  In addition to the marathon, there are a bunch of other mini-races.  Isla, Ruby and I ran the 1k, and Caleb ran the 10k.  This is what we woke up to…

…but by the time we needed to head out it was just sprinkling.

We got to the starting line and Isla took off.  We passed a bunch of our friends who were all surprised that we were actually running, but Isla was determined to win.  And she did great.  She had to take few walking breaks, but she ran about 3/4 of the course.  We did have to stop to put her rain jacket on at one point… it started pouring and she started bawling… apparently she was upset that her number was getting wet!

Ruby was a trooper.  Seriously, easiest baby ever.  Didn’t make a peep even though I know by the end of the morning she was beyond tired and hungry.  She was also the star of the show.  Every “official” photographer along the route (as well as several dozen random people with camera phones) asked us to stop so they could take her picture.  I finally just started saying no because Isla wanted to keep running.  Pictures aren’t up on the website yet, but I fully expect to see Ruby there!

We crossed the finish line and Isla immediately asked where her medal was.   Then told me she wanted to run again.

She was quite proud that she “winned.”

We hung out near the finish line with some friends, who were walking to raise breastfeeding awareness, until Caleb finished his race.

Even though it was wet and a bit chilly, it was a really fun morning.  Isla is already trying to figure out when the next race is.  :)


4 thoughts on “Running in the rain

    • Oohh, she’d love it! Especially because it involves riding an airplane… another one of her favorite past-times. Ahh, my sweet little TCK! :)

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