Isla says

I love that show Kids Say the Darndest Things.  Isla would be perfect for it… except that she’s ridiculously shy and definitely wouldn’t answer a strange man’s questions, especially if it involved video cameras.

A few of her latest…

“Boys don’t have to wipe when they go potty.  And some girls have short hair and they don’t wipe.”


We were having a conversation about how a dog would love to live in our house to eat all the food that falls onto the floor at dinnertime.  “I drop a lot of food and the calculators come and get it!”


“I can’t reach really high.  We need Jesus.”


I made a cute little invitation for Isla’s Rapunzel birthday party, inviting her friends to a party at ‘Hutcherson Tower.’  When I read it to Isla, she was quite upset, “But we live in Lebanon and we don’t live in a tower!”


“I don’t want to get married and be a mom because I don’t want you to be a grandma.  I want you to be my mommy still!”


Isla was telling me a story about how she took all the purple beads from her friend at school.  So we had a long conversation, trying to put Isla in the shoes of her friend to see how she would feel.  “I would be sad if someone took my beads.  But I’m happy because I took her beads!”


For those of you who don’t know, Caleb’s mom died a few months after we were married.  Isla knows about her Grandma Jeannine and one day was telling us a story about her that began, “When Daddy’s mommy died on the cross…”


“Maybe when God gets a changer He can change Daddies into a girl.” (to use the girls’ bathroom)


“There’s no meat in this oatmeal!  I need meat in it to be strong!”


Isla was singing a new song from school and I was asking her which teacher taught it to her.  I didn’t recognize the teacher’s name so I was trying to figure out who it was.  Isla explained it was “Miss Carolyn.  The one with the scribble-scrabble hair.”



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