The lip

Ruby is finally getting to the point where she understands when we tell her ‘no.’  It actually took her a few months longer than Isla – I have a theory that she hears us saying no way more than Isla did when she was a baby… mostly because of the three year old in the house… so the stern voice didn’t catch her attention quite as quickly as it did Isla when she was Ruby’s age.

But I digress.

Ruby has always been super sensitive, but for the first time in her little life, I got the feeling that she wasn’t completely sincere in her hurt feelings.

While taking her 8 month pictures yesterday, Ruby desperately wanted the paper next to her, but was doing a really good job not touching it.

And then she’d apparently had enough listening to Mama.


Oooh, that lip!


I felt bad for laughing at her, plus she was doing such a good job not touching it, that I finally gave it to her.


All better!


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