Top Ten beautiful feet

Okay, I admit it.  I’m a bit obsessed with all the year end top ten lists going around.  There’s a list out there for everyone, really.  Top ten movies, check! (haven’t seen a single one.)  Top ten photos, check!  (so sad that most revolve around disaster and war.) Top ten new species discovered in 2012, check! (what!?)

So to join in on the fun (for me at least), here’s the start of my own annual top ten series!

Top Ten blog posts in 2012

10. Ruby, neighborhood celebrity

9. The Mommy Wars

8. Isla’s first day!

7. my wife says i should blog more

6. Interview with a 2 year old

5. Okay, I’m kind of cheating here.  I grouped together all the posts I wrote when Ruby was in the hospital for her blood incompatibility, because if I didn’t, they would take up nearly half the top ten, and that’s not really a very fun list!  Bedtime story…, View from the pediatric unit, Just kidding, and Sunday 11:56pm

4. An open letter

3. Ruby’s Birth Day

2. The Lebanese Beach Scene

1. Delivery Wishes


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