Isla and Santa

Isla is terrified of Santa.  She tells us that she’ll probably like him when she’s seven.  I’m definitely thankful that we decided not to do the whole Santa-brings-presents-thing, because I think the idea of Santa sneaking into our house while she’s sleeping might very well put her over the edge.

Usually at our annual Christmas party with the girls, Santa comes to pass out the gifts.  But this year, Mona decided that the girls would make their own Santa – ie, dress up Caleb and Joe – to help alleviate some of the fears that Isla and a few of the younger girls have.  First time Isla has been near a Santa without crying… and she told us over and over that she really likes when Daddy and Joe are Santa, but she still doesn’t like the real one!

isla and santa copy

She had no problem sitting on his lap at the party, but the last picture is about as close as we could get her to the Santa in the mall!

No picture yet of Ruby with Santa.  We tried to go on Christmas Eve, but apparently “Santa’s Village open every day until Dec 31 from 4-8pm” doesn’t actually mean every day.  I’m hoping that since we still have a few weeks before Eastern Christmas that we can find a Santa somewhere.  Although I’m not expecting a fun picture like Isla’s given us the past few years… Ruby is a crazy people person and I’m sure she’ll love Santa just as much as every other person in the world!


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