Top ten blog posts

Top ten blog posts

I’ll share my favorite blogs soon, but today’s list are my top ten favorite blog posts of 2012.   Some are from blogs I’ve been reading for a while, others are blogs I don’t normally read but stumbled across via facebook or a news article or who knows how else.  Some are funny, some are challenging, some are moving, some are informative.

In no particular order, my top ten blog posts of 2012:

10. How to Load a Dishwasher by Faith on Domestic Kingdom: A really challenging piece about the mundane things in life needing grace the most.

9. YouTube Video Date (aka 2.5 hours of free laughter) on Friday We’re in Love: A fun playlist of funny YouTube clips… some I’d never seen before.

8. If I Grew Up in Gaza on inexhaustible significance: We are really careful how we talk about events going on in the region, especially when politics are involved.  We obviously have a very different perspective living here but we feel conversations dealing with things like the bombing in Gaza are best had over a cup of coffee, not through a blog post.  But every once in a while we come across something that’s too good not to share.  This is one of those posts.

7. I Am Not a Human Pacifier on Nurshable: A sweet letter from a mama to her three week old from an attachment parenting blog I enjoy reading.

6. On Insulting Muslims on Beirut Spring: When all the violence broke out in response to the film Innocence of Muslims, many in the west were asking if the violence was truly an extreme reaction, where are all the moderate Muslims denouncing it?  Here is one (of many).

5. where is the mommy-war for the motherless child? on Rage Against the Minivan: A beautiful post on what we Mamas should be fighting for.

4. Pumpkin Patch Babies on Pinstrosity: Okay, everything on pinstrosity is just hilarious, but I crack up every single time I see this post.

3. Flat Out Segregation at Lebanese Beaches – part II on Anti Racism Movement: A video depicting the racism against domestic workers at beaches here in Lebanon.  Just one example of the rampant racism those from the Phillipines, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and many other countries face.

2. 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out on Jason Good: I think this man is spying on our life and writing about Isla.  I cried I was laughing so hard!

1. The Mom Stays in the Picture on Huff Post Blog: I cry every time I read this post.  A must read for every mom out there!


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