Ruby and Santa

I could write paragraphs about the cultural experience we had today.  How this was the second time we went for the parade because the first time we showed up at the time advertised only to find out there wasn’t actually a parade that day.  How we were given a ticket with a time slot to get into Santa’s Village but about 20 minutes after our time came and went they just opened the doors and it was a pushing, shoving free for all to get in.  Or about how when we finally pushed our way to the doors they closed them and told us we’d have to wait ten minutes because it was full, only to open the doors to let Nancy Ajram and her family through.

But really the whole point of the post is this picture, so I’ll just share it and shut up.  :)

Scan 6


(can you guess which picture we had to pay 10,000 for? haha!)


4 thoughts on “Ruby and Santa

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    • Thanks, Hasan! I actually did see the pingback but things have been a little crazy here… holidays, my mom’s visit, both girls were sick… I’m just now getting caught up on everything! :) I’ll head over to your blog now and take a look! :)

      Hope you were able to stay dry and warm this week!!

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