Ruby by the month – 9 months

We were sitting at dinner this evening when I realized I never did Ruby’s nine month picture… ooops!  (and double oops, I wrote this three days ago and just realized I never posted it!)



Ruby 9 months

Ruby at nine months is so much fun.  She’s pulling up on everything but too much of a chicken to actually try taking steps.  She loves to eat and is finally able to feed herself little pieces of food off her tray.  She actually likes drinking water even more and will sit in her chair with her hands in front of her yelling “ooh ooh ooh” until you give her the cup.  Actually we call her our little Harry Potter because if she sees something she wants she’ll put her little hand out like she is casting a spell and waiting for whatever it is to come to her.  She’s been crawling since she was 4.5 months, so she’s perfectly capable of going and getting what she wants, but she still just sits with her hand out.  It’s really cute.  She’s a really content baby.  She’s super social but she also is happy to sit and play by herself.  Still a great sleeper, although we’ve discovered that trying to get her to share a room with anyone (Isla or us) is a nightmare.  So she’ll be sleeping in the pack n play in the office for a few more months at least.  She really is a great baby and we are blessed to have her in our family!


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