Pet Mart field trip

Isla had a field trip yesterday.  When I got the permission slip to sign, I googled Pet Mart, the place they were going, but could only find references to a pet store.  Not unusual, because of our terrible internet here in Lebanon, it’s not surprising at all that I couldn’t find it online.  Or so I thought… I mean, surely her class wasn’t going to a pet store for their field trip…?

Now, I realize you can’t trust everything a three year old says… or at least you can’t get a complete picture from the details she decides to share.  So where did they go on their trip?  You be the judge…


5 thoughts on “Pet Mart field trip

    • Nope, not a zoo or a museum! All we knew about it was what you saw in the video… we couldn’t get any more details out of her!

      But I did figure out what it is… post coming tomorrow! :)

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