On sick babies and wedding invitations

Lebanese weddings are notoriously grand.

I spend my mornings with moms and their babies and my afternoons with 10 year olds, so needless to say we haven’t been invited to many weddings since we’ve lived here in Beirut.

We have been to a couple really nice weddings, but none that you would describe as traditionally (typically?) Lebanese.

We’ve seen glimpses of the fake hair, ball gowns to rival any red carpet event in Hollywood, fireworks and smoke dances in friends’ pictures who we know well enough to be facebook friends with but not enough to be invited to their weddings.


From our balcony, we’ve seen several processions of professional dancers leading the groom, his friends and family to the home of his new bride to pick her up.


I was so excited to finally get to attend a Lebanese wedding with all the glitz they are known for, but about half an hour before we were supposed to leave, we had to call an audible and I ended up staying home with a sick Ruby.

I tried to take a picture to prove that I actually do fix my hair and put makeup on sometimes, but Ruby poked me in the eye (and it really hurt!)


So Isla and Daddy had a fun little daddy-daughter date.  Isla was so excited to get all dressed up, see the bride and eat some cake.


Oh yeah, she came home with some pretty sweet dance moves, thanks to these guys…

random side note… our video camera is not great to begin with and then when I upload to youtube the quality gets even worse… anything I can do about that???




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