For Sale

Buying things second hand is rare here in Beirut.  I suspect it’s cultural, but I haven’t quite figured it all out, so that’s for another post.  When we moved into our apartment, we had to completely furnish it from scratch.  And furniture is expensive.  So is baby gear.  And appliances, and toys, and… and….

A few months ago, I got an email from a friend of a friend who was leaving Lebanon and selling all of her stuff.  She had some Ikea bookshelves that I’ve been absolutely drooling over (no Ikea in Lebanon, unfortunately!), and for a really good price.  So I called Caleb then immediately sent her an email saying I was interested.  But they had already sold.  Less than an hour after she had sent out her list, she had sold nearly everything.  So there is definitely a market for second-hand things here in Beirut.

Without a Goodwill and with a Craigslist that has a total of three things on it, we needed a place to buy and sell our used baby gear, furniture and other random things.  So another mama and I started a Mommy Classifieds Beirut page on facebook.  It’s off to a great start!  Lots has been bought, lots has been sold.

If you are in Beirut and looking for a stroller, a carseat or even a used car… check it out!


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