Living overseas has turned me into a bit of a hoarder.

You can actually get almost anything (food-wise) here in Lebanon… if you are willing to pay.  I’ve blogged about that several times before.

Another weird phenomenon I’ve discovered is the case of the disappearing applesauce (or pumpkin or oatmeal or….)  When you see something on the shelf of the grocery store, there is no guarantee that it will be there next week – or ever again for that matter.  So I’ve learned that when you see it, you buy it… even if you don’t need it right away.  I’ve been known to buy all 6 cans of black beans off the shelf, all the Tazo chai tea mix, and 2 big cartons of whole oats every week until they are gone.

I think stores here get a shipment of random things – maybe excess from stores in the States, France or Australia, who knows.  But they put them on the shelf til they are sold and then that’s it.  They never get those products again.

My latest find?  Virgin coconut oil.  This is a staple in our clean eating home but I haven’t been able to find it yet in Lebanon.  (There are two organic food stores that I know of in our area.  One didn’t have it, haven’t made it to the other.)  I popped into a grocery store to pick something up and saw four jars just hanging out, waiting to be bought.  Like any good hoarder, I bought three of them.  :)


Caleb and I were laughing last time we were in the States at how hard it is to fight the hoarding tendency while walking through the aisles of Target or Harris Teeter.  We have to keep reminding ourselves that if we might someday need or want (insert any product here), we can wait and buy it when we actually need it… because it will more than likely still be there!  :)


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