Ruby by the month – 11 months

ruby by the month

Ruby is such a joy.  At 11 months, she’s finally doubled her birthweight, weighing in at a whopping 17 p0unds.  She’s fitting into her 9 month clothes now, although mostly still wearing 6 month stuff.

She blows kisses when we say it’s time to go nigh-night, waves bye-bye like a spaz whenever we even get close to the front door, and is becoming a much more confident walker.  She has figured out how to put on other people’s shoes, talks on the phone (or anything resembling – or not – a phone), and loves to brush her teeth.  She loves to rock her baby, clap and dance to the music and read books.  She’s also a big fan of eating paper and messing up nicely folded piles of laundry.

She has two words: hi & Isla (which sounds like I-da and is generally shouted).  She is quite the chatterbox and is very adamant about the things she thinks she is telling us.

Ruby has finally figured out that she can make us laugh and is enjoying all the attention her silly faces and noises bring.  She’s so social.  If someone is holding another baby, she’ll crawl right up in her lap to make sure she’s getting some attention too.

We often talk about how different Ruby is from her big sister.  While our type A, first born absolutely loves having rules to follow, Ruby will go back to the forbidden fruit in our house over and over and over again.  She’s not cautious at all – climbing on stools and tables, going up stairs and sliding head first down the slide if I don’t catch her quick enough.

She’s also a little snuggle bug.  If she’s tired, she’ll cuddle in close, stick her thumb in her mouth and go to sleep.  Wherever we are. (ahhhhhh! bliss!)  However, don’t even think about trying to share a room with Ruby.  She’ll find you wherever you try to hide and wake you up for her 3 am party! (which she magically sleeps through if she’s alone in the room…..)

Can’t believe our little baby is just weeks away from turning 1…. time, please, stand still!!!



2 thoughts on “Ruby by the month – 11 months

  1. I can’t wait to see her this summer. And Isla, too. And of course you and Caleb. You two are coming, aren’t you? :)

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