Homing our House

When we first moved into our apartment, I was 7 months pregnant with Isla.  We had to furnish the entire place from scratch… and that was after painting, fixing the plumbing and getting the electricity re-wired.  Needless to say, we didn’t work too much on the decorating.  It took long enough just to find a couch we could afford.

Then Isla was born and once we came out of the newborn fog, we started talking about painting our walls.  But then we realized our contract was almost up and were afraid our landlord would raise our rent so high that we’d have to move.  So the painting and decorating was put on hold.

But as many of you know, our landlord was very gracious when it came time to renegotiate our rent last year, so we finally felt the freedom to work on some projects we’d be eying (okay spell check says that is right…. but eyeing seems more correct to me….) around our little place.

This is a piece of art I made for Caleb for our (I can’t remember which) anniversary.  We’re follow the traditional list of gifts to give and last year (?) was wood.  So I bought him all sorts of coffee paraphernalia because he loves coffee and I think it tastes like wood.  :)


These are paper coasters from one of our favorite coffee shops in town glued onto a canvas covered in a dark wood stain.  Super simple, but I love how it turned out!



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