You are (too) skinny.

(In order to fully understand this post, make sure you read my previous post on the topic, You are fat.)

This is the comment that I get daily.  “Wow, you are getting skinny.”

Now most would think that is a compliment.  But I can tell that it isn’t meant that way because when I say “thank you,” I get a shocked look and some have even said, “oh, you think that is good?”

Now to set the record straight, all that has happened is I’ve lost the baby weight.  If you didn’t know me and saw me on the street, I would look very average to you.  But, I gain a lot of weight when I am pregnant.  50 pounds with Ruby – which is twice as much as recommended!  And I’m also one of those lucky women who lose it all while breastfeeding.  So now I’m just back to normal with some extra pooch around my mid-section (darn you diastasis recti!)

But when I try to explain that I just look skinny because people are picturing me pregnant with an extra 50 pounds, no one actually believes me.  “Are you sure you aren’t sick?  Are you eating well?  WHY are you getting so skinny?”

I just can’t figure it out.  If getting fat is bad and getting skinny is bad… maybe it’s just changing that’s viewed negatively?

It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as when people told me I was fat not knowing I was pregnant and nothing compares to being asked why I still had a belly when my baby was only 2 months old, but at the same time, it’s the principle of it.  I don’t think people, especially men, should be commenting about a woman’s body – even more so if it’s intended negatively.

I’m curious to hear what the comments will be after a summer in the States… good Mexican food and driving everywhere instead of walking are sure to add a few pounds.  And this time I won’t have the pregnancy excuse!!


2 thoughts on “You are (too) skinny.

  1. well for me, i hate getting fat, but i dont just burst my thought of fat or skinny into people, i just talk about it when i offer the girls some food or chocolate, if they try to say no, i just shout with are you doing a diet, your good, you dont need to get more skinny (i say it only to friends, where i hate to be formal with friends), in general though a lebanese i rarely comment about friends being fat or skinny, but i do complain when i hear that someone is on a diet, i belive the best diet is to eat too much, but in an organized way and do sports regularly…

  2. I am there with you (and yes it feels way better than all of the fat comments). I was told while barely able to walk after my csection with maya, in the halls of the hospital that I was too big and why was my belly still so big?!!!!! Really? I adore this place but I still don’t understand it . . .

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