ilMasee7 qam!

“Was God really making everything sad come untrue?  Was he making even death come untrue?”***

…apparently Ruby hasn’t quite figured out that the sad things becoming untrue is what we celebrate today!


She really did not want to sit still for a picture. She wanted to ride her car. We’ve got quite the drama queen on our hands.

***random note.  I wanted this quote from the Jesus Storybook Bible… because I love it.  But the Bible is in our sleeping girls’ room, and as I was googling to make sure I quoted it correctly I discovered it’s actually from Lord of the Rings.  I still love it.

In all seriousness, this is the day that defines our lives.  Without this day, we have no hope, we have no purpose, we have no future save death.

Caleb and I were talking about how this is one reason we are thankful to be raising our kids here – Easter is not nearly as commercialized as it has become in the States, so it allows us to create our own traditions, focusing on the aspects of this day that are important to us.  There will be no Easter bunny visiting this house, and our girls don’t feel like they are missing out on anything!

Last year was really the year we could have started traditions that Isla would remember, but this was our Easter Sunday a year ago…

DSC_1192 (1)

2 day old Ruby under the blue lights

…so this is the year to start our Easter traditions!  :)

Isla and I made Easter baskets out of paper and the girls did a little egg hunt this morning on our balcony.  About halfway through, Isla realized there was actually something in her eggs!


quite proud of her finds!

Ruby was just happy to ride her car around... though the egg did look fun!

Ruby was just happy to ride her car around… though the egg did look fun!

We had a great morning at church – it was probably the best Easter service we’ve been to since we moved here, so full of joy and praise and excitement to celebrate our Risen King!

mini-photo shoot while Daddy set up his classroom at church

mini-photo shoot while Daddy set up his classroom at church

We’ve been reading the Easter story with Isla and talking a lot about what it means.  It’s so neat to see her little mind trying to comprehend it all.  Her favorite thing to tell us right now is “Do you know what Jesus was thinking about on the cross?  ME!”

She also really wants “Jesus to come back soon because then we don’t have to die!”  (Me too, baby, me too!)

Oh the faith of a child.  It’s so sweet and trusting and something we pray only grows as she does.

Happy, happy Easter to all of you… He is Risen!!

“He will be a King! But he won’t live in a palace. And he won’t have lots of money. He will be poor. And he will be a Servant. But this King will heal the whole world. He will be a Hero! He will fight for his people, and rescue them from their enemies. But he won’t have big armies, and he won’t fight with swords. He will make the blind see, he will make the lame leap like deer! He will make everything the way it was always meant to be.” (Sally Lloyd-Jones in the Jesus Storybook Bible)


Happy Easter!


He is risen, indeed!


14 thoughts on “ilMasee7 qam!

  1. They are just getting way too big! I’d be so scared to have kids out on the balcony! But I have boys, and my boys climbed everything. I caught them four storeys up, sitting on top or a water tank, swinging their legs and looking down four stories to cement. Happy as clams. Aged 6, 4, and 2. Gave me a heart attack. Maybe girls are easier to have in an apartment.

    And I love the Easter dresses!

    • Ooh, that would have given me a heart attack as well! Isla is actually quite the rule follower, so I’m not nervous at all about having her out alone on the balcony. She would have to very deliberately build something to climb on in order to fall. It helps too that we are only on the first floor. Ruby, on the other hand, never met a rule she didn’t try to break and is a climber to boot. So she will never be on the balcony by herself. Ever. :)

  2. a friend and i visited a church nearby today, but it was weirdly closed, i love to visit a church, and i have planning to visit one for a long time ago, as a muslim am too much curious and excited to know about chritianity, but it is weird i have never had a working chance… :(

    • So strange! You are welcome at our church anytime! We also have youth meetings on Saturday night if you are interested in visiting. :)

      • well thats cool, where is your church? and whats the name? and what time do you do the meeting?
        i am interested and may have a visit :)

        • It’s called Ras Beirut Baptist Church. It’s in Hamra around the corner from AUB. The youth meeting starts around 6:30 on Saturday night or the main service is at 10:40 on Sunday morning. Happy to provide more details if you are interested… ahlan wo sahlan!!

          • well thats great, now am serious about visiting the church, but what do you suggest more the youth meeting or the main service, you know i want to learn more about the religion…..

            • The youth meeting is more informal, so you will have more of a chance to talk and ask questions about the topic. But the main service will give you a good idea of what church is like. :) So it’s up to you which you prefer! :)

  3. Your girls are lovely – love those matching Easter dresses. We also had two girls (and a big brother) and in our case it was girl #1 who provided the “drama” that your Ruby now offers you! Happy birthday to her later this week! And a happy Easter to you all – He is risen!

    • Thank you!

      Yes, Ruby is our sweet, sensitive drama queen. We’re a bit nervous about what that’s going to look like in about 10 years. :)

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