Tis the season

I have a love / hate relationship with seasonal fruits here in Lebanon.  I hate that making fresh peach cobbler is impossible unless it’s August or September.

But on the other hand, there is not much better than buying local, in-season fruit.  You can’t beat the prices and eating fruit that was picked just days before… delicious.

You can tell the month of the year much quicker by the fruit being sold on carts around the city than the temperature.  (90 degrees in May… really, Beirut?!?)  Ashta, clementine, avocado, strawberry seasons are all past.  Soon we’ll get cherries, plums and the most amazing peaches.

Right now, it’s jeneric time.  Bite sized green plums that are crunchy and very sour.  I think most people eat them with salt, but Isla and Caleb are happy to munch away on them as is.


I’m not a big fan.  All I taste when I eat them is the wasted potential of what could have been an amazing, sweet, juicy plum!  :)  But I like when I see the carts full of these little green plums because it means summer is just around the corner!


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