Farm fresh

I’ve never really been that much into nature.  Just after graduating high school, I was in a small village in Romania where everything we ate basically came from the backyard.  I managed the veggies and milk okay, but when we had chicken for dinner…. I nearly lost it (very privately of course so as not to offend my hosts!)  In seminary, one of my dearest friends and I decided to go camping on the beach.  We packed a tent and a kitchen knife (just in case) in the trunk of Chiquita and headed to Galveston.  We arrived at the campsite and realized that neither one of us actually knew how to set up a tent.  So we found a nice hotel instead.  Best camping trip ever!

But since living in Beirut, I’ve found myself much more drawn to a life I never dreamed I would want.  I love using the herbs and eating the few pieces of fruit growing on our balcony “garden.”  I like composting.  I want to eat grass fed beef.

I even told Caleb recently that it would be so nice to have chickens and get fresh eggs every morning.

And then I bought some eggs and totally changed my mind about that.



2 thoughts on “Farm fresh

  1. Ha! I got backyard chickens recently, and I love them. Here where things grow and I have a yard, I have a huge garden. I love it. I’d love to be allowed a goat for milk and more chickens. And… well… yes… I’ve butchered a few chickens and ducks, too. Usually, though, the kids wash the eggs, but it doesn’t bother me. But I grew up this way, and grew up camping. With six, we camp on furlough as we travel. My kids and I set up the tent as my husband is not such a camp lover. He cooks. WE got it down to ten minutes to set up an eight man tent and roll out all the sleeping bags… but that came after nights and nights of practice!

    Hey, give camping another try some day. The mountains of Colorado have some great camping places! Or the bottom of the Grand Canyon where deer wander through your campsite with no fear and no light distracts from the stars overhead.

    • Haha, I’ve actually been camping twice since that ill-fated trip in seminary. The first time was right after we got married. We rode jet skis through Lake Powell until Caleb found a rock that he thought was an appropriate place to camp. We spread a tarp out on said rock and that’s where we slept. If he was thinking he’d spark a love of camping in me with that trip, he was sorely disappointed, haha!

      Second time was up in the mountains of Arizona. My father-in-law has an amazing camper with beds, toilet and shower. That camping trip wasn’t so bad. :)

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