The dirty side of the story

And this is why we pay money to avoid the public beach in Beirut.

Flush a toilet in Beirut and the waste water is piped out a kilometer into the Mediterranean and expelled into the sea. Flush the toilet just about anywhere else, however, and the waste is deposited just a few meters away, using the nation’s coastline as a giant toilet bowl.Beach-goers are swimming in dangerous levels of their own filth at many public beaches and resorts in the country

It really is a shame.  Lebanon has such great potential, but corruption, lack of infrastructure, and a rapidly deteriorating political situation are very quickly going to destroy many of the good things this country has left.

2 thoughts on “The dirty side of the story

  1. It’s interesting that quite a few of the places mentioned are north of Beirut. We’ve been told (but I have no idea if it’s true) that because of tides, currents etc. all of the waste that is pumped into the sea is washed towards the north, and because of that Tyre is the cleanest place to swim in the country.

    • Yeah, the article had a map with the different levels of pollution and most of the south was pretty good. Made me feel a little better about swimming in the sea in Jiyeh! :)

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