From the mouth of Isla

We were having a conversation about my sister getting married…  I told her that when Annelise gets married Colin will be her uncle.

“But I don’t want to get married!  What if he calls me and says, ‘I want to marry you!’

Isla, he doesn’t want to marry you, he loves Annelise.

But I love Annelise!….  That’s okay, aunts don’t get married.


After seeing a dead mouse on the street…

How did that mouse die?

Maybe it was really sick, maybe a cat got it…

Maybe it died on the cross?  But it’s okay, because when mouses die on the cross, they stay with Jesus!


I was joking about leaving Isla and Ruby home alone…

We can’t stay here by ourselves, I don’t have big boobies!  But I don’t want big boobies because I don’t want to get married.


Was baby Lexi (Isla’s new cousin) born on your computer or Daddy’s?


“Reading”  a book to her sister…

See the gargoyles?  It’s to take the sins away and give them on Jesus’ head.  It’s in this book.


Her bedtime prayer…

Dear God, please help me not get married…


In the bathroom washing her hands by herself…

Don’t let Satan poof it out…  (in a deep voice) Hey!  Satan is a boy!  (in a high pitched voice) Oh, hello Satan!


I like some boys.  Like some of my daddies.




4 thoughts on “From the mouth of Isla

  1. Isla does not seem ready for the Big Commitment. Her concerns remind me of when our daughter (the one who is your friend and B’s wife) was somewhere around the age that Isla is now, and I found her standing in front of the mirror talking to herself, having a very worried discussion with herself about how she did not want to grow up because then she would have to drive a car, and she didn’t know how.

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