Summer blog series

Well, we’ve been in Colorado for two days now.  Working on getting over jet-lag (party at 2am anyone?) and re-assuring Isla that the neighbor’s garage door opening is not actually a bear.

We’ve sufficiently overwhelmed ourselves by just one visit to Target and the girls have eaten their weight in blueberries and raspberries.  We’ve laughed so hard we cried when Isla realized that the Apple store doesn’t actually have fruit.  And Caleb is really enjoying clicking on a Youtube video and watching it right away.

I’m not sure how blogging will go this summer, so I thought it would be fun to do a little summer blog series… just in case I don’t write as often as I like.  So, the theme of the series will be ‘foods we miss.’

Living in another culture brings all sorts of changes and adjustments.  Some are easy, some take time, and there are other things that we will most likely never get used to.

One thing that has not been hard at all for us in adjusting to life in Lebanon is the food.  For one, we love Lebanese food.  We could eat it every day and not get tired of it.  Second, we can get almost anything in Beirut (if we are willing to pay for it, of course).  There are a few things that we miss, but overall it has not been a difficult transition.

And actually, when we are outside of Lebanon, we find ourselves missing certain foods….  which is what I’ll be blogging about each week (fingers crossed… now that I’ve said it I actually have to do it!!! :))


4 thoughts on “Summer blog series

  1. many things in Lebanon push you away
    but in between the very few things that make you stay is the food, it always calls you back, I don’t think I could find any sort of food as delicious as the lebanese

    • It’s soooo true! We love and already miss Lebanese food… and we’ve only been out of the country for two weeks!!

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