Faeries and pixies and sprites, oh my!

We had the day off from meetings yesterday, so we headed up to visit our old seminary professor, mentor, friend.  We went out to lunch in a small town just outside of Boulder and found ourselves right in the middle of the Festival of Faerie.

Men, women and children all dressed up as faeries (why is it spelled like that?) wandering the streets, blowing bubbles, dancing and just enjoying themselves.


Isla was enthralled by it all, and completely beside herself when one of their faeries pulled her over to her mat and put glitter on her nose and cheeks, gave her a flower and a glass heart.  As we wandered through the town she kept asking to go back to “Rosa” because maybe she would “give me wings and make me a real faerie!”


We’d heard rumors about Boulder…. let’s just say we weren’t disappointed!  ;)


4 thoughts on “Faeries and pixies and sprites, oh my!

  1. Wow! That’s not the Isla I know – I’m amazed that she’s comfortable getting that close to a stranger dressed up in crazy garb!!

    • It’s the strangest thing…. it’s like my children switch personalities the minute we land in America. Ruby is clingy and shy…. Isla is outgoing and talks the ear off of anyone who is halfway paying attention to her!!!

      • That’s bizarre; we had the same thing happen with our girls in Ireland at Christmas time. I couldn’t believe that they were doing the direct opposite of what they would usually do in an unfamiliar setting. I’d love to meet talk-your-ear-off Isla some day!

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