Cherry season

I always thought I didn’t like cherries until I experienced cherry season in Lebanon.

Just before we left, there were hints of the coming season – small piles of not-quite-ripe cherries in the supermarket costing much more than they are worth.

But now it seems cherry season is in full force… and even with the aisles and aisles of amazing fruit to choose from here, we are bummed to miss the big, purple, juicy cherries of Lebanon.  We buy a kilo for just a couple of dollars and they’re gone before the sun sets.


These cherries are actually more red than the ones I like… but I couldn’t find a good picture of the purple ones.
picture from

Apparently the best cherries in Lebanon come from Hammana, a village that holds a cherry festival every year.  We haven’t made it to the festival yet, but it’s on our list of must-dos next June!


One thought on “Cherry season

  1. Yes, we’re enjoying plenty of cherries…and peaches…and plums…and apricots (though they’re not my favourite)…and watermelon (It’s down to 500LL a kilo). Look what you’re missing!

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