At least once a day, Isla has asked to eat manaoushe for lunch.  Lebanese style pizza, usually eaten for breakfast, the girls in the family prefer cheese, but Caleb likes zaatar, a common spice mix with a strong thyme flavor.

Our first apartment was right above a manaoushe shop, and the smells were beyond torturous.  Every morning I needed to eat one because the smell was so strong and so good.  We moved away from the temptation, but there are still little manaoushe shops on nearly every corner it seems… and at just a dollar, it’s the perfect snack when we are out running errands.  Everyone seems to have their favorite place to get theirs… each “furn” has their own dough recipe, ratio of toppings to bread, size, price and group of loyal customers.  Can’t wait to get back and get some from our favorite place!


6 thoughts on “Manaoushe

  1. Thats my favorite daily breakfast, i eat it everyday am at home, and when i go to university, if i have time i buy a “gorwasson” mainly chocklate flavor

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