The month of Ramadan is coming to an end.  During this holy month, Muslims fast during daylight hours, so from sunrise to sunset.  Iftar is the meal eaten at sunset to break the fast.

In many Muslim countries, the month of Ramadan is very quiet during the day – restaurants and cafes close, and it is against the law to eat in public during daylight hours.  This isn’t the case in Lebanon, due to the large Christian population, although the streets do feel a little less busy than normal.

Most of the restaurants around town have special Iftar meals at sunset.  Even though we don’t fast for Ramadan, we do go to an Iftar with friends at least once during Ramadan.  There are several special foods that you only eat during this month (our friend Hasan blogged about them here) and I love the anticipation of sitting down waiting for the sun to slip behind the horizon to start the meal.

We actually served jellab, which is a juice traditionally served to start an Iftar meal, to the kids in my brother’s youth group last night…. it didn’t go over so well, haha!

We’re sad we missed out on it this year…  I even miss the guy walking through the neighborhood banging his drum at 4 am to let everyone know it’s their last chance to eat before the sun rises!

To my Muslim readers, Ramadan Kareem!


One thought on “Iftar

  1. Ramadan kareem to you too :)
    you know I don’t like jalab. much either :P
    and about that guy with the drums, I miss him too, there is no one to do it this year in my neighbor hood :(

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