The outfits

I got so many comments on the girls’ outfits while we were at Disneyland.

I wanted something fun and princessy for them to wear but comfortable and cool for a long day in the park.  So I searched Pinterest and found a link to  this blogger who had created princess play wear for her girls.  Exactly what I was imagining!

So for Ruby we got a blue onesie and added the puffed sleeves and rick-rack down the front to create a Snow White shirt.  The shorts were some yellow pants we found at Old Navy (size 3-6 months for my 16 month old, woot, woot!) that we chopped off to make shorts.


We found a great purple shirt also at Old Navy for Isla’s Rapunzel look and bought an extra one to make the puff sleeves.  Add some ribbon and ruffle and she’s the perfect little Rapunzel.  White shorts weren’t super ideal for a day of playing at Disneyland, but they were the best option we could find.


Super easy to make, so cute, way cheaper than those dress-up dresses, and something the girls can wear again!  And we got the added bonus of laughing at my dad when he realized halfway through the day that the girls were actually dressed up as specific princesses.  Clearly he’s not a Disney princess buff.  :)



One thought on “The outfits

  1. I so enjoy your blog posts, Nicolette and Caleb! The princess outfits befit the princesses they adorned–beautiful! BTW Snow White is my favourite princess and since we Poths were the seven “dwarves”, she could be OUR princess!

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