I haven’t blogged in a while.

Partially because we were all exhausted after our trip to California.  Not physically, per se, but just emotionally tired.  As much as we love visiting friends and sharing what we’re up to in Beirut, after two months of meetings and presentations, we were exhausted and really ready to be back into our normal routine again.

But then another part of me felt really weird blogging about the foods we were missing when all of Lebanon was waiting with bated breath to see if the Syrian war had finally spilled over into their neighborhoods and homes.

But the Lebanese are a resilient people.  I mean, they lived their lives through fifteen years of civil war… so the threat of war isn’t stopping anyone.  Case in point: we flew out the day the US issued their most recent travel warning.  We landed in Beirut and when I opened my email I had a dozen messages from friends and family back home worrying about us and wondering if we were still planning on traveling.  I had one email from a friend in Lebanon… planning a play date at the waterpark.

So we’re back and life is going on.  Soldiers guard our church on Sunday morning.  Apparently the contract of the company who is supposed to keep the traffic lights working has run out.  And today we hung out at the sea with the girls, swimming, playing in the sand and eating taouk.  This is Lebanon… and we are so glad to be back!


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