Family photo shoot

One of the things I really wanted to do while we were in the States was get some family pictures taken.  For my birthday, Caleb set up a little photo shoot.  It got canceled at the last minute, but since we were already all dressed and ready, we decide to do it ourselves.  We aren’t professional photographers or editors by any stretch of the imagination but we managed to get some really cute shots of the girls!






So what’s the rule on editing?  I know most professional photographers have a pretty specific editing style.  We’re just playing around, obviously, but is it better to keep the same style for all the pictures you edit from one shoot?  I really like these next two with an antique look… although they look good in bright colors as well…



Probably my favorite pictures… because they are just “so Isla” are these two outtakes…..  in the first one she’s telling her Grandpa and Grandma how to walk through the pasture without stepping in horse poop.


And then her response when they don’t listen as closely as she thinks they should…


Oh, child.


2 thoughts on “Family photo shoot

  1. Oh these are just great! Such sweet moments!! I Sooo need to learn some basic editing-even if its just using a set of actions (is that what they are called?) but first to buy the expensive software . . Is there anything free/cheap?

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