Ruby by the month – 18 months

I haven’t done Ruby by the month pictures since her first birthday, but I just happened to mention to Isla that Ruby was turning 18 months on Sunday and she got so excited to take a picture.

DSC_0756 - Version 2

Of course, big sister wanted to hold a sign too.  :)


Ruby at 18 months is such a joy.  She loves babies, cats, cheese, shoes and her sister.  She is such a copycat right now, which is adorable when she’s trying to talk and sing.  But it doesn’t end there.  We often notice at dinner that she is copying Isla’s every move.  Isla puts her fork down on her plate, Ruby puts her fork on her plate.  Isla scratches her eyebrow, Ruby scratches her eyebrow.


Ruby is our little mommy – super sensitive and very caring.  She can’t stand when Isla is upset or in trouble.  And if Ruby gets in trouble, she’ll sit with the most pitiful look on her face, bottom lip sticking out until someone gives her a hug to make it all better.  She loves to snuggle and cuddle.

She’s quite the talker.  Isla and baby are by far her most used words, followed by Mommy and milk.  We spend the first half hour of every day walking through the house looking for Isla and having the same conversation.  “Isla?  Schoooool!”  She’s a bit confused about what school actually means…  I asked her the other day where her water cup was and her reply was, “schooooool!”  She loves to read books and gets ridiculously excited by any picture of a baby, a cat or Isla.  She also loves singing and dancing.  Itsy bitsy spider is one of her favorites, although she’s also quite a fan of Gangnam style.  (Just super.)

I feel like in the past month or two, she’s lost whatever bit of baby she had left…. our Ruby is in full on toddler mode these days!



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