Fall in Beirut

Sietske has some great posts showcasing the amazing colors of Lebanon in the fall.

But in the middle of Beirut, the changing of the seasons is much more subtle.  The wind off the sea is no longer hot, but a cool, refreshing breeze.  The AC is no longer necessary and we leave our windows and doors open all day long.  Wearing pants to walk through the city is only slightly uncomfortable, not unbearable (temperatures are, after all, still in the 80’s!) and moms tell their kids “no more ice cream until spring” as we walk by the temptation that is gelato right next to Isla’s school.

To the non-native-Beiruti, it doesn’t feel much like fall, although it is one of the best times of the year to be in Beirut… but just because it doesn’t feel like fall doesn’t mean it can’t taste like it!

And to me, nothing screams autumn like pumpkin.  I actually never liked anything pumpkin until moving to Lebanon, believe it or not.  But there is something nostalgic to me now about the flavor.  It’s like a taste of home, even though I never actually tasted it at home.  Especially when mixed with chocolate or cream cheese frosting.

And thanks to my previously blogged about pumpkin hoarding, there is always pumpkin in the house when I crave fall.


I’m not much of a baker, but I’m quite impressed at how this turned out.  Tastes just as good as it looks and was the perfect way to usher in the season (even though it is already the middle of October!)  Here’s where I got the recipe for anyone drooling right now.

All it needed was a good chai latte to go with it…. but I guess that would be pushing it!  :)



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