Run for Lebanon!

Run for Lebanon!

Last Friday, Isla woke up and immediately started bouncing off the walls.

“It’s November!!  That means it’s time for the race!”


She’s basically been counting down the days to this year’s marathon since she crossed the finish line last year.  And she wasn’t disappointed!

The weather was amazing (sunny and 75 degrees in November… my kind of autumn!).  We headed down early to see some of the SH girls start their 5K race and then headed toward the start line for the 1km Run with Parents.  Somehow the announcer didn’t get the memo about the name change this year (from Run with Mom last year) and kept calling out, “are you ready ladies?!?!” which really made me laugh.


Caleb decided to run with us this year (instead of the 10K he normally does), which meant Isla could “win” and Ruby could “run” at her own adorable pace.


Ruby did pretty good!  She got tired about halfway through and wanted to be carried and then wanted down and then wanted to be carried and then wanted down and then noticed that her shoes had flowers on them and decided to have a seat and check them out.  We finished eventually.  :)

Isla’s race got off to a rough start as we made her put down the balloon someone had given her, but she eventually got over it and was thrilled that she “won” the race when she found a medal in her goodie bag at the finish line. (on a side note, the goodie bags for the 1K were quite disappointing… the medal and an ad pamphlet.  What happened to the juice and trail mix??)

The finish line was absolute chaos.  I think we got a bit spoiled last year… with the rainy weather it didn’t feel quite as crazy as I think a lot of people stayed home… or at least headed home as soon as the race ended.  We hung out with masses of people waiting for the girls to finish their race and then headed to our house for some manaoushe.

It was a great, fun day and we can’t wait to “run” again next year!




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