The beauty in the quiet moments

My daily route doesn’t change much.  I walk the same streets every day.  Isla’s school, work, our church, the store.  Friends’ homes, the park, a cafe or two.  Even if I do take a different street from the ones I walk daily, it takes all my senses to navigate the chaotic traffic and bumpy pavement, especially if the stroller is part of the equation.  I’m not often noticing what’s around me.

But sometimes every once in a while, I notice.  And I am reminded of the history and beauty hidden throughout this city of ours.

On Sunday we were headed home from the marathon.  The streets were closed, so no cars.  The only sound was the music along the race course in the distance and the happy chatter of 10 little girls excited about their medals.  We turned a corner and my breath caught in my throat.


It really is an amazing city.  Sometimes it’s just hard to notice in the midst all the noise.




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