Second summer

There’s a saying in Arabic that between October and November comes the second summer.  I don’t know if we can call it “second” summer this year, because the weather has basically been amazing for the past two months.  The sun is out, the breeze off the sea is cool and we leave our windows and doors open basically 24/7.

In true Lebanese fashion, however, it is still considered “winter.”  Ice cream is no longer available on every corner and the kids are sweating buckets in their undershirts and long sleeved shirts.

It’s perfect beach weather, but the beaches have all closed down until next summer.  Swimming is now only for the men who gather every day to hang out on the rocks, tanning, sleeping and smoking arghile.  Every once in a while their wives and daughters join them for lunch and a smoke, but they stay completely covered and don’t get in the water.

DSC_1066It’s funny to see Christmas decorations up in the stores when we just want to sit outside and barbecue and play… but the rains will be here soon enough and we’ll be wishing for the golden days of Beirut’s second summer.


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