Isla-isms, the four year old episode

My girls are napping, my husband is at a funeral, and I am sitting on the couch with not a whole lot to do for the first time in a long time.  This week has been full of Christmas parties, parent-teacher conferences (times 5!!), work with the girls, and a really great program for young Syrian refugee mothers.  I’m zonked and really looking forward to a bit of a break!

I’ve got about an hour before I need to wake the girls up to get them ready to go to a wedding, and updating the long neglected blog won the lottery of not-quite-but-almost-mindless things I still need to work on.

I’ve got all sorts of posts rolling around in my brain, but I’ll start with the easiest, haha.  It’s been a while since I’ve written about the crazy things our Isla says… and I’m sure you will enjoy ‘listening’ to her and laughing just as much as we do!


Isla was getting tired of walking and wanted her Daddy to carry her

I don’t want you to put me on your shoulders.  I want to be on your belly and nipples.


Daddy is a good no-er because he does it louder and angers at her.


We introduced Isla to prickly pear (a type of cactus) lemonade this summer.  She was a little unsure…

Do we have to be careful when we drink it?


One morning waiting for Caleb’s sister to drop her baby off for us to take care of…

I don’t want baby Lexi to come over because I can’t focus.  I need to focus on playing with my toys.  But I just love her so much that I want to look at her all day and I can’t focus on playing.


Isla had two teachers named Miss Rola last year.  She called them the big Miss Rola and the little Miss Rola because one is tall and one is short, but now it’s….

The lower case Miss Rola


Isla learned a new color in English in school.  But she was pronouncing it with a very heavy Lebanese accent.  I tried to correct her several times, and she got frustrated and told me…

You are from America so you can say it in America language.  But me and Ruby are from Lebanon so we say it in Lebanon language!


After being reminded (again!) not to correct me

If I was the mommy and you were the little girl, then I would tell you that you should have said…


Reading the Christmas story…

One insect allowed them to stay the night in his stable


The Arabic word for rain is “shiteh.”  When Isla doesn’t know the proper grammar rules in Arabic, she applies the ones she knows in English to the Arabic word.  So she wanted to tell Ruby it was raining outside.  Instead of conjugating the word correctly… (you can probably guess where this is going… sorry for the potentially offensive language…..)

Ruby!  It’s shitting outside!


Again playing school with Ruby

Ruby, say gracias.  It means merci.


I guess Isla learned about elves at school because she is telling lots of stories about…

Santa and his slaves…


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