Our love/hate relationship with Santa

Isla has never been a fan of Santa.




Last year she was more than happy to sit on Santa’s lap when it was her Daddy, but wanted nothing to do with the Santa at the mall.


Apparently this past week Isla saw Santa while she was on a field trip and wasn’t scared because her teacher told her kids in KG don’t cry about Santa anymore.  And I think the nail polish on this Santa won her over.


Ruby on the other hand has never met a stranger, including Santa.

Scan 6

She tells us she’s scared of Santa (in the cutest little voice with her hands clenched in fists by her face… “scare!”)… but when push comes to shove, she’ll sit on pretty much anyone’s lap.


(The pouty face has more to do with the fact that she is getting her picture taken – which she apparently hates right now)

I feel like a bad mom… but I actually crack up at the terrified kid on Santa’s lap pictures.  So I’m admittedly bummed that Ruby seems to have no problem with him.

Flowers on the other hand….



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