Old things

For Christmas this year, Caleb and I decided that instead of getting each other gifts (do you have any idea how hard it is to find something for someone who brought 6 suitcases back from America?!?), we would do some projects around the house we’ve been wanting to work on for a while.

In my hunt for a workbench for our kitchen I wandered into a store that I’ve only allowed myself to glance in and found the most amazing bookshelf.  The owners of the shop (Metal & Wood in Wardieh, for anyone who is interested) salvage old wood from historic buildings about to be destroyed and use it to make one of a kind pieces of furniture.

The bookshelf is made of wood that used to be painted a bright teal.  Most of the paint is peeling, but you can still see glimpses of what it once looked like.  Shabby chic?  Distressed?  I don’t know what exactly it’s called but it’s very old and very awesome.  Most of our furniture is pretty basic.  I love that it adds some character to our living room.

I had some expat friends over just before Christmas for a holiday cookie exchange.  They all oohed and aahed over my amazing bookshelf and several of us came up with plans for the old shutters we pulled out of the dumpster months ago.

Then a few nights later, our book club met and my Lebanese friends had some very different opinions.  Now you must remember that the American filter and the Lebanese filter are completely different, so my friends wasted no time telling us how ugly the bookshelf was, how it had potential to look nice with some sanding, paint and gloss, but they would still never put it in their house.

And who has a guess about Isla’s opinion?

She was absolutely horrified.

“Why did we buy an OLD shelf?!?  I like new things!  I’m never gonna like that shelf.  When Jesus comes back, will that shelf still be there?!?!”

Ahh, my little Beiruti.  We had a conference in Athens last week and she was quick to remind us of her disdain for all things old.  “I’m not gonna smile because I don’t like getting my picture with old things.  Only new things.”  Although she did decide by the end of the week that she was okay with old things… as long as they are just in Greece and not in our house!  :)



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