On the bandwagon… with every other 4 year old girl in the world

My girls are certifiably obsessed with the movie Frozen.  I took Isla to see it with some friends at the theater just after Christmas and was really surprised at how much we both liked it.   You have to like cheesy Disney musicals, but it really is a great story – one I’m happy for my girls to see.

We came home and started watching YouTube clips of the songs, bought the movie as soon as it was available, and the rest is history.

They are constantly singing and acting out their favorite parts.  Isla is Elsa and Ruby is Anna, and if you try to even sing one of Elsa’s songs, Ruby will quickly let you know that you aren’t allowed to do that because her sister is Elsa, not you.  I said something about summer the other day and Rubes threw her hands in the air with glee and shouted “Olaf!”  Obsessed.

We’ve watched all of the little girls belting their favorite Frozen songs on YouTube, and I have to say, we’ve got dozens of our own girls doing the same.  I mean, seriously, how cute is this?

But the best cover that we’ve seen is this one.  This version of the song gets stuck in my head periodically and I die laughing every time.  Enjoy!


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