The 7 year itch (just a few years early)

I’ve now lived in Beirut longer than I’ve been in any one place since I was nine years old.  It’s almost like it’s built into my DNA to start all over every couple of years.

We’re here and it doesn’t look like we’ll be leaving anytime soon… but I have an itch for change.  I want to sell all of our furniture and start over.  Or move to another house (except I want it to be the same house in the same place… not sure how that is gonna work out….)  Or change the color scheme in every room (which, lets be honest, means buying new everything, yessss!)

So my more realistic way to scratch the itch is by finally working on some of the home improvement projects on our list.  First up was my chalkboard wall!  I’ve got big dreams for this space in our kitchen.  Right now it’s basically a collection point for donations for refugees, but I really want to make it a more usable space… but we’ve been waiting until we can find the workbench I’ve been wanting.  But I got tired of waiting and decide to just go for it, even if it means the room will only be partially finished.


I absolutely love the color!  The menu board looks a little lonely by itself on the wall, but eventually I have a really cool homemade corkboard to add as well as some spice / book racks.  And of course my workbench.  (Please, IKEA, just come to Lebanon already and make my dreams come true!!!!!)

Next up on my list is the salon / dining room.  When we first moved in, we painted all neutral colors and bought really neutral furniture, with the idea that we could change things up much easier that way.  But I’m soooo tired of all the neutrality.  I want some color!  So here’s the color scheme I’m shooting for…


I’m gonna paint two of the walls in the dining room area with one of those blues and then switch out some pillows to get the right accent colors.  I just need to decide what color to paint the rest of the walls…. any opinions?  I need something that works well with my newest piece of art…



5 thoughts on “The 7 year itch (just a few years early)

  1. Oh OH WOOHOO!! LOVE all the colours! Love the piece of art! Did you paint it or wind with string/yarn? Kirk’s study has a bicycling theme and I can just see something like that on a bare part of the wall….

    Nothing like colour to cheer one up!! Even in a sunny place like Lebanon!

    Your chalk board is great too! I am in the process of adding colour via cards sent to me on our cork board. It belongs to the house so colourful pins/tacks and paper and cards rather than paint will have to do me!

    About the 7 year itch, we may have had it in Austria–we left the US right after our 6th anniversary and had already lived in 7 places at that point. We were in Vienna not quite 2 years and then in Paternion Austria 5 1/2 years before a move to Spittal where we had a house there for 5 years but halfway through lived in CA for a year. In the next 10 year period–July 1998-August 2008 we lived in two States and four houses. Now we are in our second house in 5 1/2 years in Ireland, two different cities. I wonder if all that moving kept us from having a true 7 year itch?? We did suffer through a couple of mid life crises…hmmmmm…

    Praying that you will find contentment right where you are now and that wherever you are, you can create a safe haven for all of ye! Much love, Sandlin

    • hehe, I’m scared about what my mid-life crisis might look like if I want to re-do our whole house just because we’ve been in it a few years!

      The bike wheel is painted. Yarn would add a really nice texture though… although it only took about 5 minutes to spray paint it, which is a definite plus in my book! Sounds like it would fit perfectly in Kirk’s study… though maybe not in hot pink? :)

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