World Cup Fever: Go…. Texas!?!

The first time I went to Texas, I remember being on the freeway between Dallas at the airport and being in awe at the number of massive flags at every car dealership and restaurant we passed.  These American and Texas banners were the largest flags I’d ever seen (until I traveled to Turkey!) and I remember someone – our driver, a friend, I don’t remember who – telling us that because Texas was actually not just a state but a Republic, they were allowed to fly a flag as big as and at an equal level to the US flag.  I have no idea if that’s true.

Really, the only reason I share that story is to justify this blog post.  I really am not as ethnocentric as I might come across!!

World Cup fever has descended full force upon Lebanon.  Brazil and Germany are big favorites, but you can see flags from many other countries waving proudly from balconies, shops, cafes and cars.  We were driving through a random neighborhood the other day and there was a huge Brazil flag stretched from a building on one side of the street to the other.  I can’t imagine in the States seeing so many flags from other countries all over the place… what’s it like in other non-football-powerhouse countries, I wonder?

This guy even had an entire outfit to matched his Germany themed motorcycle!

This guy even had an entire outfit to matched his Germany themed motorcycle!

Anyways, I was walking home a few weeks ago and saw a car that made me laugh.  Couldn’t wait to get home and tell Caleb about the car with the Germany flag flying from one window and the Texas flag from the other!  We do have a car in our neighborhood decked out like the Dallas Cowboys and Isla is cheering for America, Lebanon, Greece or Arizona to win the World Cup (although like a good Beiruti, she’s taken an unnatural liking to Brazil!)…. so I didn’t think anything of someone showing their Texas pride during football season and gleefully shared a laugh with my husband.

Go Germany!

Go Germany!

And then I saw the same car a few days later.  Oops.  Sorry, Chile.


I mean, it kinda looks like a Texas flag, right???


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