Book themed baby shower

Baby showers are definitely an American phenomenon. But I think mothers of any nationality will take any opportunity to hang out with friends (especially sans kids!)… so the baby shower I threw for a friend this weekend was anything but typical, but that doesn’t mean we all didn’t enjoy ourselves!

Because it is my friend’s third baby, she didn’t need anything (and the giving gifts at a shower before the baby is even born is definitely a strange American thing to do!), so we decided to do a book theme…. those who wanted to bring a gift brought their favorite children’s book.

Working around the theme was lots of fun… not really Pinterest worthy, but it turned out pretty cute, I think!




All of the food somehow came from a children’s book.



Games were hard… I found lots of fun ideas online but since we were such an international crowd, didn’t seem fair to make non-Americans try to unscramble the names of books they’d never heard of, so I stuck to more typical shower games (although we ran out of time and only played a few!).  I did manage to get one book themed game in there, though!


Oh, can’t forget the favors… which my family was very happy to taste test for me :)



One thought on “Book themed baby shower

  1. Looks like a fun time! You didn’t tell me you painted the dining room!! I love the color :-)

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