Peace Love Run

I am not, have never been, nor will I ever be a runner.

But the Beirut Marathon is still one of my favorite days of the year.  Our house is surrounded by the race route, so we wake up in the morning to the sounds of music, laughing and cheering – which is a nice change to the normal honking cars and construction noise we hear on a daily basis outside our windows.

Isla counts months by the birthdays and holidays that fall in them, and November is always all about “the race!”

I know marathon runners spend months and months preparing their bodies to run, working up to the distance and bringing their time down.  Preparation for the race in our house is a little different, but still very important.  ;)

First things first, spreading out the maps and coming up with a plan.


Isla made sure to label all the stations in case we needed to know where to get bananas or water.


Of course we had to try on our race shirts and run around the house like banshees practicing how we were going to win.

The morning of the race the girls were up earlier than normal begging to put their numbers on.


This year all the Safe Haven girls joined the fun as well.  Once they arrived at our house, we divided up into teams and headed down to the start.  Caleb ran the 5K with the oldest girls, so we stopped on the way to our race to watch them run by.


For the third year, the girls and I ran in the 1km Run with Parents.  This year, Isla ran with the little SH girls while Ruby, my big ‘ole belly, and I brought up the rear.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous… just a little bit cloudy and really comfortable temps.  And the atmosphere on race day is like no other day in Beirut.  People are happy.  Many are running to support important causes and organizations.  You see people of many nationalities, religions, genders and ages all coming together… which just doesn’t happen that often (ever?) here.  I loved this years theme as well: Peace, Love, Run.


The course seemed a lot more crowded this year.  Lots of strollers and big groups of walkers on our route.  Fine, but a bit hard when your little girls want to run fast and win.  :)  We did find a few stretches of empty road to run on though.


And we made it… without me going into labor!


The girls of course were most excited that they “won” the race.


All in all, a great day.  Isla is already preparing for next year’s race!


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