Isla’s Frozen party

I kind of have this rule about birthday parties… I learned pretty quickly that small kids could care less about how well the food matches the theme of a party and it’s just not worth the effort to be creative with party food for a 4 or 5 year old’s birthday.

But as I was planning Isla’s Frozen party for her 5th birthday, there were just too many snack ideas that fit so perfectly, that I decided to break my rule and do a lot of food that fit the Frozen theme.

So we had carrots in the snow for Sven…


… melted Olaf (mohalabieh pudding with pretzel arms and an orange candy nose)…


… plus marshmallow snowdrops, Anna & Hans’ sandwiches, a plate full of Olaf’s arms (pretzels) and chips and salsa for the grown ups.


I was quite proud of the food, but of course the only things the kids ate were the pretzels and the cake.  We were eating leftover sandwiches, carrots and mohalabieh for days.  Lesson learned.  We’re back to ordering mana2ish and putting out a bowl of pretzels and a bowl of fruit for party food from now on!  :)

Speaking of the cake, I decided to try my hand at one of those princess doll cakes.  I was really nervous it would be a flop, literally, so I made a bunch of cupcakes too, just in case.  But it was actually much easier than I was expecting.  I used a bundt cake on top of a small pie shaped cake.  Didn’t really carve it, just stuck Elsa in the middle and used frosting to shape the dress.


Isla doesn’t like games where anyone loses or anything that puts her on the spot (pin the anything on anything, for example… she can’t handle everyone watching her and cries every time).  So we decided to do more activities instead of games.  We had play snow, ice painting, a frozen dancing game and a scavenger hunt using song lyrics from the movie.




We also played Frozen Bingo, which was a huge bust – the kids got bored really quickly.  But my girls have played it nearly every day since then, so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Party food and games aside, my big five year old was most excited about having all her friends come over and celebrate… Isla was so happy and had a great day, which is really all that matters in the end!


Happy birthday, Little Lu!


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