Luka by the month – 2 months

luka 2

Our Luka boy is growing!  Such a change from my “failure to thrive” girls who stayed in newborn clothes for months!  Luka is finally smiling and cooing and enjoys his playmat and swing… for a few minutes at least.  He sleeps like a champ at night (8-9 hours!) but makes up for it by fighting tooth and nail when it comes to naps.  His best day sleep happens when he’s being worn and I’m walking around.  He also makes up for the long stretch at night by eating every 1.5-2 hours during the day.  This baby loves his milk!  He hates tummy time and doesn’t want to be held “like a baby” anymore… he’ll pull himself up with his tummy muscles to make sure he’s sitting upright.  He’s still spitting up a lot, but I’ve figured out how to manage it a little better… bibs are our new best friend!  His sisters love him so much and are constantly arguing over who gets to hold him.  Happy 2 months little guy!


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