One night we were having a discussion about our family rules.  I asked the girls, “what are some of our family rules?
Isla: No shooting.  Oh, I know!  No opening the door to strangers
Ruby:  No opening the door to bears!


Ruby’s prayer one night: Thank you for Jesus dying on the cross all the children of the world so high little star.  (???)


“I’m not a lazy butt.  I’m Elizabeth Ruby butt.”


Ruby gets in trouble for being silly instead of focusing on eating her dinner.
Ruby: I’m making you laugh.
Me: But Ruby, that isn’t funny.
Ruby: I’m making mineself laugh!


Ruby’s version of the advent story…
“Mary married a young carpenter named Jofus.”
“…and wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in the pot.”


Ruby: What are blessings?
Me:  Good things that God gives us.
Ruby: Like dirt?


Look at the beautiful clouds!  Quick, before they pop!


Caleb: What were some blessings God gave you this week?
Ruby: Like AH-CHOO!!??



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